Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dugin's résumé

       Aleksandr Gel'yevich Dugin, born in 1962 in Moscow. Ph.D. Married, two children. 9 foreign languages. Up to the end of 1980's participated actively in patriotic movements, published a number of articles and texts on different subjects: politics, politology, philosophy, history, geopolitics and translated and published the books of many conservative thinkers like René Guenon, Julius Evola, Gustav Meyrink and so on.

  •   1988 —  Founded the “Eon” publishing house.
  •   1989 — Published his first monographic book “The ways of Absolute”.
  •   1990 — Published the traditional magazine ”Dear Angel”.
  •   1992 — Has become chief redactor of “Elements” a political and sociological magazine. Course of geopolitics in Military Academy of General Staff.
  •   1992/1997 — Published the books: “Conspirology”, “Mysteries of Eurasia”, “Hyperborean theory”, “Conservative Revolution”, “Metaphysics of Evangels”, “Our way”, the manual “Foundation of geopolitics” (4 editions), “Knight Templars of proletariat”, “Russian Thing” (2 volumes), “Goals and objectives of our Revolution”, “Absolute Motherland”. Published the commented works of eurasianist thinkers – N.Troubezkoy, P.Savicky, N.Alexeev, J.Bromberg, E.Hara-Davan.
  •   In 1993 has created with writer E. Limonov the National-Bolshevist party which he has quitted in 1997.
  •   1996 — Creation of philosophical web-portal “Arctogaia” ( Leaded the musical-philosophical radio program FINIS MUNDI on FM Moscow radio “101” and worked as geopolitical analyst on the radio “Free Russia” (weekly 1 hour program).
  •   1997-1999 — Was named chief redactor of newspaper “Intrusion”.
  •   From 1998 up to 2004 was advisor of the russian Parliament (Duma) on strategic and geopolitical questions.
  •   2000 — Created of pan-russian political “Eurasia” movement.
  •   2001 — Created  the political party “Eurasia”. Published the newspaper “Eurasian Observer”.
  •    2000/2003 — Published the books: “The philosophy of tradionalism”, “Foundation of eurasianism” (collective monography), “Eurasian way”, “Eurasian look”, “Geopolitics of terrorism” (collective monography), “The Islamic threat or the threat to islam?” (texts of international conference in Moscow President-hotel), “Russian Orthodox Church in the space of Eurasia” (collective monograhy), “The evolution of paradigmatic foundations of science” (scientifical thesis), “Philosophy of Politics”. From 2002 has been columnist in the russian journals “Izvestia”, “Literaturnaya Gazeta”, ”Vremya Novostey”.  Became Member of the “Expert Club of TV Channel 1” and of the “Civil Forum Analytical Club".
  •   2002 — Has created the political analytic web-portal “Evrazia” (
  •   2003 — The political party “Eurasia” was transformed into the International Eurasian Movement.
  •   2004 —  Finished his second thesis (doctorate) in Rostov-on-Don. Received the title of Professor of Honor of National Eurasian University of Astana (Kazachstan). Published the books “Project Eurasia”, “The Eurasian mission of Nursultan Nazarbaev”, “The philosophy of war”, “Eurasian Mission (program of International Eurasian Movement”).
  •   2005 — Has helped in the creation of the Eurasian Youth Movement.
  •   From 2006 until now has created an coordinated different political websites:,, and
  •   2005/2007 — Has become the chief redactor of Christian Orthodox channel SPAS.
  •   2006 — Visited Washington. Had meetings with Z.Brzezinsky, F.Fukuyama, F.Starr and so on and was invited by the State Department to hold a speech concerning Russia and Eurasianism.
  •   From 2007 until now has been a professor in the Faculty of Sociology of the Moscow State University.
  •   2008 —  Was elected chief of the chair of the Sociology of International Relations at the same faculty. Became director of the Center of Conservative Studies (
  •   From 2008 until now teaches the courses of Ethnosociology, Geopolitics, Sociology of International Relations, Sociology of Imagination and Geopolitical History of Russia.
  •   2008 — Published two important philosophical books: "Postphilosophy" and "The Radical Subject and his double".
  •   2009 — Published the book"The Fourth Political Theory".
  •   2010 — Published 4 new books: "The Sociology of Imagination", "The Logos and Mythos", "The End of Economy" and "Martin Heidegger and the Other Beginning of the Philosophy".
  •   2011 — Published 3 new books: "The Sociology of Russian Society", "Martin Heidegger: the possibility of Russian Philosophy" and "Archeomodern". Two other ones are to be released in the spring 2011: "Geopolitics" and "Ethnosociology".
His books are published in English, French (2 books), Portuguese, Spanish and Italian (2 books), Serbian (4 books), Turkish (2 books), Arab, Georgian, Rumanian, German. He has articles in many foreign languages.

His philosophical views are partly traditionalist, conservative and anti-modern, partly post-modern, radical, revolutionary and innovative.  Rejects racism in all its forms, advocates the pluralism of societies, cultures, ethnies and religions. Insists that three mainstream political ideologies of Modernity (Liberalism., Communism and Facism) are totally obsolete and fights in favor of the creation of a completely new political theory - the 4th political theory (antiliberal, anticommunist and antifascist).  Politically is radically against American hegemony and world domination.  Is against globalism  and proposes the doctrine of multipolarity. Is in favor of the common struggle of Russians, muslims, Asians and Latins against the countries of Rich North.

Has close contacts with european New Right (Alain de Benoist). Supports partiallly Putin 's and disapproves Medvedev's policies.  The French magazine “Actuel” already in 1995 called Dugin “most influential Russian thinker of post-soviet epoch”.