Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dear readers

This blog was created specially to hold the debate between the philosophers Olavo de Carvalho and Alexandr Dugin. Right from the start we would like to thank both of them for the gentle willingness to accept our invitation to participate.
         The first idea about this debate and this blog came up on an online discussion. That, by itself, would be already a good point to indicate that new technological tools stablish necessarily new genres of communication and can positively influence  and affect people. We see that, aware of this "not-so-new-novelty" — the Internet — as such a remarkable tool for alternative dissemination of ideas, politicians, thinkers and academics are adhering rapidly to the concept and deciding to share their thoughts and words online.
Having that simple premise in mind, we have tried contact with two very prominent thinkers from different backgrounds and completely opposite political views, but who have in common the fact that both exercise on the web a relevant part of their intellectual activity and both have a known willingness and openness to share their points of view with whoever manifests a sincere interest in them. The presence of these propitious characteristics has brought together Alexander Dugin and Olavo de Carvalho into this debate.
            Besides that so to say coincidental propitiousness, and the many differences of  approach that separates our debaters, the two authors happen to be both notorious philosophers and political thinkers in their own countries. Nevertheless, we do not have the least intention to have grasped their political points of view in their entirety or understood them in their full consequences.
We do have an expectation, based on this initial experience, to conduct further debates in the future, however, it would be enough of a successful experience to carry this first one on appropriately. We are confident that the importance of this debate lies in the fact that the subjects that are going to be covered here are not currently dealt with extensively in any other media space while being perhaps the most fundamental themes to a responsible reflection about the world in which we live.
May we ask for your kind understanding, as well the debaters’, regarding the moderators’ limitations and inexperience concerning more professional and/or academic aspects organizing a formal debate, as the idea departed more from our genuine desire to promote such an important event than from our concrete expertise or know-how on the subject . 

The Moderation