Saturday, March 5, 2011


 1) This debate will be conducted in English and will be simultaneously published on this blog, on Olavo de Carvalho's and on International Eurasian Movement websites.

2)  There will be an introductory article of both debaters (maximum limit of 24000 characters, blank spaces counted) which will respond to this question:     

 "What are the historical, political, ideological and economic factors and actors that now define the dynamics and configuration of power in the world and what is the U.S. position in what is known as New World Order?”

3) Then, there will be two round of replies. (suggested - but no strict - maximum limit of 120000 characters).

4) And finally the debaters will send their conclusive articles. (maximum limit of 18000 characters, blank spaces counted).

5) The suggested schedule is the one below (subject to change):

March 7th - Introductions
March 21st - Dugin
April 4th - Olavo (was delivered in April 6th)
April 22nd - Dugin (was delivered in April 24th)
May 10th* - Olavo(was delivered in April 23rd)
July 5th* - Conclusions

*The schedule was adjusted due to Olavo de Carvalho and Alexandr Dugin's delay.